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Out of Chaos co…

Out of Chaos comes order

Out of chaos come order. We each hold the key to the outer world by what’s going on inside of each of us. Reiki helps you create a happier inner life. It goes along with Dr. C’s training. or any other energy healing training.

Check out our free Reiki Training at http://reikiranch.com!

Energy healing goes well with Instinct Based Medicine system  and it helps you keep clear when you are working with clients. You might also look at Laser Reiki where you can instantly clear pain by clearing the past blockages. We all want to do a better job. Right? And We also want to help others “feel good now” — this fast process makes you very happy and they think you have just done magic! I can show you on the phone, too!

Laser Reiki Master
Tel. 360-748-4426


Reiki Energy Healers Use Special Techniques and Words

Reiki gives you a new day to live

Our Healers have completed advanced training in traditional Reiki as well advanced coursework in Energetic Healing and Laser Reiki.  We share a common desire to improve our unique healing skills while helping others.

By looking within, we discovered the “words” that gave our secret partner (a special part of the subconscious mind) the correct input to turn around our lives. We also learned exactly when and how and why to use “the words” to increase our prosperity. We went from living in the woods on a small rented spot of land to having a 22-acre half million-dollar energy healing retreat center and school called The Reiki Ranch, a non-profit organization, located near Chehalis, Washington.

We discovered there are a few short cuts on the road to success in our process of healing. Working with your own life manager you can clear poverty consciousness dogmas, change struggle mentality into flourishing in all circumstances at the same time you bless all circumstances, and release limiting beliefs, hidden beliefs, and hidden fears from your mind.

Find a Reiki Energy Healing Center for Reiki Classes in Olympia, WA..

Reiki Energy Healing Center for Reiki Classes in Portland, OR

Your Thoughts are being controlled by others!

Your Thoughts are being

controlled by others!

What causes you to make thoughts? You look out of your eye balls at this so-called reality. You may be thinking “the economy is getting worse It looks real and the feeling you get are real. How could this not be real?

Reiki can help you become real!

The news media is 99% controlled by the Illuminati secret society and they have power over the reporting of “his-story” and are mind programming us to believe their slant of happenings. What does this have to do with Reiki? What you see on TV, what you read in the newspapers and what you hear causes you to come to some belief about how things are. When you mind is controlled by the Secret Societies you think as they want you to think. Your thinking is creating this reality as they are programming you. Their most guarded secret is that your mind and your thoughts are broadcasting and by the Law of Attraction each of us is

We need to come together as one people – and fast – and drop the fake divisions of race, religion and income bracket. We are facing enormous challenges and we have seen nothing yet. If we don’t wake up it’s only going to get worse

We either come together in mutual support and see that everyone’s injustice is our injustice, or there’s a nightmare heading our way.

When you find inspirational thoughts or sayings, write them down. Either use index cards or buy a little notebook or use an electronic device. Put this where you will have it with you during the day. Then you can pull it out and read one of the statements when you feel the need for some inspiration.
This is a fabulous way to remind yourself of the things that are most important to you. It’s really easy to forget the important things when we get buried in the moment to moment drama of the world. Having these little cards, notes, or other reminders will help you stay grounded, in the present, and ever mindful of what is truly important.

I have memos in my iPod where I have typed in thoughts and inspirations that I can call up at a moment’s notice. If anyone is watching me, they just think I am checking my schedule. I also have several full-length spiritual books there so I can have some good reading no matter where I am.
We live in a very busy world that can overload our senses and our sensibilities if we aren’t aware. It is very important for us to be able to access positive and meaningful information quickly and easily so we can stay on track and have the sort of life we truly desire.

People play roles and that is a mental/mind program. Those programs play automatically and they keep us from being authentic. Even when the adult child is 38 years old the parents continue to think that the “child” is not finished yet. They often cannot let go of the idea “I know what’s best for you.”  Whether you are playing the role of the child or parent this is not a healthy or authentic relationship. Parents continue to define themselves by that role

Reiki Relives Pain, Depression, Sickness

“How Simple Healing Process Relieves Pain, Depression, Sickness and Lack of Money”

Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA

Photo of an Energy Healing School the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA

The Assembly of Cosmic Energetic Healing (CEH), a not-for-profit alternative association for the advancement of natural healing, of the body, mind, soul, spirit and for prosperity consciousness using universal energy and natural laws. It is registered with Washington State.

The No. 1 Energy Healing School is sponsored by The Assembly of CEH

The No. 1 Energy Healing School

1673 S. Market Blvd. #143

Chehalis, WA 98532 (Mailing location)

By Taylore Vance with Roi Halse

The Reiki Ranch is an exceptional teaching facility

Reiki is taught by Roi and Taylore

(The School, also called the Reiki Ranch, is located — not in Chehalis, but is near Adna, Washington (South of Olympia/north of Portland and less than 10 miles west of Chehalis, exit 77 off I-5 freeway).


Tel. 360-748-4426

For additional Information, Reiki classes and/or Personal Appointments



Go to: http://www.LaserReiki.com

Go to: http://www.CosmicEnergeticHealing.com

and Register for FREE Reports and newsletter.

E-mail:  Admin@CosmicEnergeticHealing.com
“How Simple Healing Process Can Relieve Pain, Depression, Sickness and Lack of Money”

A simple alternative energy healing process

We are pleased to introduce you to a simple alternative energy healing process that is known to improve your peace, happiness and well-being. Do you know that your mind will naturally want to compare any new information with something you already know? You undoubtedly have heard many of the words used in this report and in other contexts.  We are using many familiar words in a slightly different way — that is why we’ve included a list of definitions in this report. By reading the definitions first you will get a better handle on learning these alternative methods of vibrational healing and changing your reality. [click here to read our definitions]

Vibrational energy medicine

The process is using vibrational  energy to change a person’s reality from low vibrations (sickness, tiredness and/or weakness) to a higher vibration of wellness, harmony and vitality.

Reiki Classes in Olympia, WA

Learning Reiki is so easy and it is so close to your home. Many students are coming to the Reiki Ranch — Reiki training Center to take a free Reiki Class.

You can upgrade your Reiki training by taking a 3-day Usui Reiki Master Certification program.

It is easy to become a Reiki master in one of the Washington Reiki training classes.

Learn Reiki in Washington State

Why Reiki healing?

Energy healing leads to a total wellness. Come to a Reiki training in Tacoma, reiki training in Olympia, or check out Seattle Reiki classes while in Washington. The Reiki Ranch is located in Chehalis, WA.

Reiki Masters have the opinion that maintaining a positive flow of life force from the centers of chakras is vital to human functioning. This healing energy flow is normally disrupted when we have negative thoughts and actions.

The Law of attraction comes into play in Reiki. When we constantly focus our thinking on negativities, the flow of our life force energy is lowered and blocked, thereby possibly causing damage to the healthy functions of our cells and organs.
With that in mind — what energy healing does is to clear and clean these emotional blocked pathways of life energy.

In the body, the channels where the negative energy attached itself will be charged with  Reiki energy (always positive — Reiki energy) in order to break down the emotional blockages. It may take time with traditional Reiki. But with Laser Reiki here: http://laserreiki.com the LR Reiki Master will do instant pain release.

Blockages are released over time when the Reiki master initiates a positive flow of energy while increasing the vibratory level in these channels. Traditional Reiki Master easily flow 5th dimensional energy. Laser Reiki masters flow 6th dimensional energy and even higher when they heal the blockages within themselves.

What are the uses of Reiki energy healing?

Well, it is mostly spiritual energy in nature! Reiki training in Washington, or Oregon does not only work on the physical well-being but also on one’s spiritual development.

Reiki healing keeps your energy high and it constantly keeps you away from the tendency to be sick to be ill. Reiki energy healing focuses not only on physical wellness but also on the spiritual growth. It promotes a natural way to achieving the total wellbeing of a person: the physical, mental and emotional side of life.

Reiki training in Washington, or Oregon is held at the Reiki Ranch — which is half way between Seattle and Portland. Reiki training for the individual does not only work on the physical well-being but also on one’s spiritual development. The Reiki healing induces the body’s natural way of healing itself.

How does Reiki help?

Some of the effects of Reiki healing are the following:

  1. promotes total wellness
  2. inducing a natural flow of Source and life force energy in the client
  3. eliminates and releases negativism
  4. promotes positive energy in the aura/energy field
  5. increase and improves the flow of our chakra life force energy
  6. reduces the probability to be ill
  7. supports healthy daily functioning
  8. increases prosperity when the person focuses on wealth

Being a Reiki Master we are able to do self healings every day. With Reiki healing, we are healed day in and day out. With positive thoughts radiating in our aura the Law of Attraction, positive energy resonates in the world and the entire cosmic energetic life bringing us health, wealth, and well-being.

It is us who learns to use the Law of Attraction along with Reiki and we set the environment for a healthy, prosperous life and happy living conditions.

Reiki Classes near Portland, OR

The Reiki or Source energy starts to flows to the direction where healing is needed — Just place your hands on the client and expect amazing results!.

Reiki Masters report: that the Reiki energy knows where it must go since it is a God-directed energy that runs through in the client’s body the process of healing.

Connection to Source and Energy healing are the basic purposes of Reiki.  For Reiki, healing the self also helps in healing the world.  As you become lighter the world heals.Ultimately it would redound to healing the Mother Earth and even the whole cosmos.

What is Reiki?

Why study Reiki in or near Portland, OR?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of laying-on-the-hands and a spiritual healing that entails the use of the “universal life energy” in healing oneself.

Reiki practitioners know that the life force energy in the body is the source of the power we need to conduct our daily lives. As the Reiki Master know, Reiki gives light/life to cells and organs that support the daily essential functioning of the physical body. In easy to understand words:  Reiki means “spiritually guided life force”.

How does the spiritual healing process take place?

The common description of how Reiki healing is done is by “lying on your hands”. A Reiki master or practitioner knows certain hand positions that directly points to one’s energy centers or chakras. Next the Reiki energy flows to these areas.

Reiki uses the idea of connection to Source and that the life force energy is flowing in our bodies. Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki 3 training aims to clear and clean the channels of chakras and harness our inherent power.

Looking for a Reiki Class Near you? Look no more! the Reiki Ranch . com is only north of Portland Oregon — in beautiful countryside setting and retreat center. http://reikiranch.com for the latest schedules for Washington Reiki  and Oregon Reiki Training.